Can a neutered male dog get stuck with a female

Can a neutered male dog get stuck with a female dog? Can a male dog mate with a female dog and how many litters would he get if he does?


Male dogs can mate with female dogs, but the offspring will be still be sterile. However, the offspring may still be able to breed. Dogs are extremely capable of breeding successfully. The first mating can be a good chance for a breeding, as both parents have been tested. Also it is possible that the mother dog has not been used, or maybe the mother is not interested. If she is not interested, there is a chance the puppies may still be born. If the father is not interested he may still sire the offspring. A neutered male dog can still mate with a female dog as long as they are compatible, but their offspring will be infertile.

In an unaltered litter, the mother can usually produce all the puppies she can before she dies. A neutered litter should have no more than 6 puppies, as they need to be weaned and socialized before they can become housebroken. In addition, it can take months to reach the proper size to have a litter of puppies. Also, the mother dog must be kept away from the other dogs, in order for her to have enough puppies. When the puppies are about 4-5 months old, the mother will often stop lactating, and they can start on their own.

There is no need for a male dog to be "stuck" with a female. Even if he wants to mate, it is not necessary to do so if there is not enough interest in the female.

In terms of the number of litters, this depends upon how many litters the mother can produce. If the mother has litters every year, the father might only have 1 or 2 litters.

Edit: Also a neutered male dog can mate with a female dog, but he cannot breed if he is sterilized.


Yes, a neutered male dog can mate with a female dog and can produce litters of offspring. A male dog has the ability to be impregnated as long as it's able to.

However, the offspring will not be fertile.

There are many reasons a male dog may not be able to impregnate a female, but that's outside the scope of the question. If you want to know why a male dog may not be able to impregnate a female, you'll need to contact the veterinarian who performed the neutering for assistance.

EDIT: If a dog is neutered and then put with a female, the male dog will have a period of impotency where he is unable to impregnate the female. This is also outside the scope of this question.


This depends on the neutering procedure. Neutering can be done by a veterinarian or a doggy groomer.

The procedure performed by a groomer usually includes castration with the use of anesthetic drugs. The other method, which I've seen in doggy grooming establishments, involves severing the vas deferens, which also involves an anesthetic.

In any case, the procedure should prevent the male from ever breeding agn. However, castration or severing the vas deferens can also cause bleeding, infection, or damage to the testicles. This means that the male could still be fertile, just as you sd.

There's a possibility that the neutering itself could cause sterility, as the testicles are damaged or removed by the procedure, but this is quite rare. It would require a veterinarian to confirm.

With all that sd, a dog is able to become impregnated, but the resulting litter won't be able to be born. There are many reasons why a male dog would be infertile, or unable to impregnate, but if a female dog is neutered, a male dog would not be able to impregnate her, though he may still be able to have intercourse.

It's also very important to understand that a neutered male dog may be able to mate with a female dog and produce offspring, but that the offspring would not be able to reproduce.

The only question is, can a male dog mate with a female dog? As long as it's not neutered, the answer would be yes.

And as to whether a neutered male can mate with a female dog, yes he can. The only issue is that the resulting litter would be infertile.

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