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LICENSING AND DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION OF INDIA AND BENGAL: 1. The Foundation is an institution to provide funds for the development of the rural areas and to promote education through the establishment of schools in rural areas. In this respect the Foundation has helped to extend technical education to an average of 1,50,000 students in the last seven years, by establishing schools in the villages of rural Bengal. With the help of this organization the Foundation started the 'Rural Technical Education in India, a pilot project for setting up a model Rural Technical Institute in the Indian education system, and the foundation of Technical Education for the development of rural Bengal, which has resulted in the development of thousands of rural schools and thousands of rural students who are now getting access to technical education. This institute is one of the premier institutes of technical education in the rural Bengal. 2. The Foundation has also taken some major initiatives in the promotion of the education of rural students. Since 1992 the Foundation has developed and set up 1,40,000 rural schools. The Foundation with the support of the Government of India has also taken a number of technical education related measures which have made it possible for students of rural India to undertake professional courses with much better facility.

These measures are: (1) The setting up of the first Technical Education Centre for West Bengal in 2000 in the Bhola.

(2) The setting up of second Technical Education Centre in 2000 in Serampore. (3) The setting up of technical education centers in all the important districts of West Bengal in 2000. (4) The setting up of four Model Rural Technical Institutes in 1992 in the districts of Nadia, Bankura, Purulia and Birbhum. (5) In the same year four Model Rural Technical Institutes in the districts of Purnia, Dinajpur, Purba Medinipur and Kalahandi.

(6) The setting up of Rural Technical Colleges in 1994 in the districts of Purulia, Birbhum, Murshidabad and South Dinajpur. (7) The setting up of a Technical Institute in 1995 in Gopalpur in Murshidabad.

(8) Setting up of technical education center in Burdwan and Chandannagar in 1996. (9) The setting up of technical education center in Gopalpur in 1998 and 2001 in Purnia and in South Dinajpur in 2000. (10) The setting up of technical education center in 2000 in Burdwan and 2001 in Purba Medinipur. (11) Setting up of new institutions in 2000-2001, in the districts of Birbhum, Dinajpur, Jalpaiguri, Purulia, Purba Medinipur, Purnea and Katwa in West Bengal. (12) The setting up of two Model Rural Technical Institutes in the districts of Bankura, Birbhum and Purulia.

(13) The setting up of Technical Education College, Birbhum in 2001. (14) Setting up of a Model Secondary School in Burdwan in 2004. (15) The setting up of two Model Rural Technical Institutes in the districts of South Dinajpur and Kishanganj in 2004. (16) The setting up of two Model Rural Technical Institutes in the districts of Katwa, Purba Medinipur, Purba Bardhaman, Katwa and Bardhaman in 2005. (17) The setting up of two Model Rural Technical Institutes in the districts of Jalpaiguri, Durgapur, Darjeeling, Purulia and Asansol in 2006. (18) The setting up of the Technical Education College, Bankura in 2007.

The above is the list of institutions set up by the Government in the past fifteen years for technical education in rural areas.

Institutions for technical education

There are three types of Institutes for technical education. These are Model Rural Technical Institutes, Sub-Centres for Technical Education (Sub-Centres) and Colleges for Technical Education (Colleges). Below is a table showing the list of all these institutions, including the location of each institution, the year of establishment, their status as model rural technical institute, Sub Centre for Technical Education or a College for Technical Education, the district where each Institution is located, their course of study and the number of seats each college or institute caters to the student population in that region.

List of Institutes for technical education

The list below shows the institutions for technical education established in India with the District, State, the college/institute name, year of establishment, course of study, the location where each institute is located and the number of students in each institute.


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